Workplace diversity has become a key trend in employment over recent years. An inclusive and diverse team has increasingly becoming a major goal for many companies, overcoming the perception previously held by some that hiring employees of varying age, gender, ethnicity, race and cultural background, religious beliefs, family situation and sexual orientation, was simply a politically correct response to equal opportunity employment policies.

There are multiple benefits for any company to build a team that consists of individuals with different strengths and perspectives, such as increased problem solving and decision-making ability, higher levels of employee engagement and a good corporate reputation for the company as an employer of choice.

As a visa and migration company working with companies to become Standard Business Sponsors and subsequently sponsor Temporary Visa Holders, and also assisting with Employer Sponsored Permanent Residence Visa, we have experienced the positive impact that employees who originate from backgrounds outside of Australia can have within a workplace. We will outline just some of the reasons below:

  1. An employee who has trained and worked overseas will bring a different set of skills and perspectives to the team. The combination of the different approaches from collaborating employees can lead to increased productivity and more successful outcomes.
  2. Since cognitive skills and personal creativity have their base within in a person’s life experiences, workplace productivity and creativity is boosted when the life experiences of the team members are varied.
  3. Employees with a background of conducting business within a different culture or who are multilingual can assist with opening up new channels and markets to company wanting to expand into international markets
  4. Exposure to a colleague with international training and experience can be an excellent learning opportunity for Australian employees to gain insight and new ideas.
  5. Most employees who have been sponsored for a visa fully appreciate that the employer has taken the steps necessary for them to be part of the team, and their resulting loyalty and engagement will have a stabilising and positive effect on the team.

While there are costs and obligations involved for a business with sponsoring an employee and it does involve additional administrative work, there are positive benefits and opportunities to be gained for your business.

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