If you have managed to get through lockdown without your partner driving you crazy – congratulations! If you can make it through a pandemic together, you certainly have a good chance of building a long-term future together.

If you or your partner are in Australia on a short-term or temporary visa, your visa status could be an obstacle to your happily ever after. Fortunately, there may be an option to apply for a Partner Visa that will allow you to remain together and build your future as a couple in Australia.

The basic requirements for a partner visa include:

  • You and your partner are in a genuine, committed and ongoing relationship
  • The sponsoring partner is an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident
  • You are either married to each other, have been living together in a committed relationship for more than 12 months or have had your relationship registered in the relevant state of Australia

While the processing times for Partner Visas are lengthy, if you submit your application while you are here in Australia before your previous visa expires, you will receive a Bridging Visa that will allow you to remain together while the visa application is assessed. This bridging visa has full work and stay rights. Further, once submitted, a partner visa application lodgement will entitle you to full Medicare benefits, irrespective of your nationality.

At Oz Migration we have helped many couples achieve their dream of staying together. We work closely with our couples to personalise the process, and to make the work involved in submitting an application easier for you both. Give us a call on 02 9407 8788 or reach us at so that we can assess your individual circumstances and eligibility for a Partner Visa.