This temporary visa allows you to visit Australia for up to two years to complete a workplace-based training or a professional development training program. The company or business that is providing the training program is required to sponsor you. The intention of the program must be to improve your skills for your current occupation, area of tertiary study or field of expertise.

Your immediate family members can be included as dependants in your application.


Temporary Activities Sponsorship Application

Nomination Application

Personal Visa Application


The business that wishes to sponsor you must initially demonstrate that it can meet the requirements to become a Temporary Activities Sponsor, and that the sponsorship obligations can be met.

The details of the training opportunity being offered to you is reviewed at the nomination stage. This includes that the business must:

Be actively and lawfully operating a business in Australia

Have the ability to directly provide the required training

Provide a detailed outline of the tailored training program

Other specific nomination requirements depending on the type of training if applicable

Some exemptions may apply.

You must prove that you meet the eligibility requirements for this visa. This includes factors such as:

Relevant work and training history

The ability to support yourself while in Australia

English language ability


Character history

Other factors may influence eligibility for this visa, so it is important that you have your individual circumstances assessed. Please contact us to arrange an assessment.