If you are skilled in an eligible occupation, this type of visa enables a potential employer to sponsor you to work in Australia on a temporary basis, when they have been unable to find a local candidate who has the appropriate level of skills, qualifications or/and experience.

Depending on your nominated occupation, TSS/482 visas are valid for either two years for those on the short-term stream, or four years for the medium and long-term stream.

Your immediate family members can be included as dependants in this application.


Business Sponsorhip Application

Nomination Application

Personal Visa Application


The business that wishes to sponsor you must initially demonstrate that it can meet the requirements to become a Standard Business Sponsor, and that the sponsorship obligations can be met.

The details of the position being offered to you as an employee is then reviewed at the nomination stage. The company must provide evidence of a genuine need to employ you. This includes that the position must:

Be on the list of eligible occupations

Be a full time position

Comply with Australian laws and award conditions

Offer remuneration at a fair market rate

Have been advertised to try to fill the position locally, without success

You must also prove that you meet the eligibility requirements for this visa. This includes factors such as:

Relevant qualifications and/or work experience

Licensing or registration (if applicable)

English language ability


Character history

Other factors may influence eligibility for this visa, so it is important that you have your individual circumstances assessed. Please contact us to arrange an assessment.