This temporary visa allows you to visit Australia to participate in a course of study. The duration of this visa can be up to five years, but is also determined by the length of the course that you are enrolled in. Your family members can be included as dependants in this application.


Your business must initially demonstrate that it can meet the requirements to become a Standard Business Sponsor, and that the sponsorship obligations can be met. The business will need to provide information to evidence this, including:

Be enrolled in an eligible course of study and provide evidence

Meet English language requirements

Have adequate health insurance

Have enough money for your stay

Be a genuine temporary entrant and intend to return home after your study is complete

Meet the character and health requirements

Other factors may influence eligibility for this visa, so it is important that you have your individual circumstances assessed. Please contact us to arrange an assessment.

We can also assist with Graduate Visa applications for international students who have recently graduated from their degree. Please contact us if you would like your eligibility for this type of visa assessed.