At Oz Migration we offer a consultancy service where our experienced and registered Migration Consultants will evaluate your individual circumstances and provide tailored advice. We will research your case and provide expertise and advice that is tailored to your individual circumstances, offering open and honest opinions regarding your chances of a successful outcome.

Consultations can be done in person, over the phone or via email. While we do charge a fee for our consultations to cover the time and expertise needed to research and assess your case, if you choose to engage our services to move ahead with lodging a visa application, our professional fees for the matter will be reduced by the amount of the consultation charge.

We can provide consultancy regarding a wide range of visa and immigration related matters. The most common areas we provide advice on are:

Visa Eligibility and Options: We will evaluate your individual circumstances and provide advice on your eligibility for an Australian visa. In some cases, multiple options are available and we are able recommend which is the most suitable application for you.

Business Sponsorship Eligibility: We also offer a similar service to businesses who wish to be assessed as a potential visa sponsor.

Visa Life Planning: We can also offer assistance with visa planning where, for example, you may have an ultimate life goal of settling permanently in Australia in which case we can evaluate the best pathway and timeline for you, and help you plan the multiple visa application steps you will need to take to achieve Permanent residency or Citizenship if you are eligible. This service is also applicable if you are not eligible for a visa at the present time, but need advice on anything you are able to do to become eligible in future such as career directions or additional qualifications.

Applications in Progress: If your application has already been started, and is already prepared for lodgement or lodged, and has become too complicated or something has gone wrong, we can provide assistance on how to move forward. In some cases we can take over management of the application on your behalf.

Visa Problems: We can provide advice and possible representation if your application is refused or your visa may be considered for cancellation, if you have received a complex request for further information from the Department of Home Affairs, or if you have a health, character or other type of issue that is affecting your application. We have extensive experience with assisting our clients to overcome hurdles that may jeopardise their eligibility for a visa.