Oz Migration have the ability to assist you with ensuring your personal documents meet the requirements for your immigration matters in the following ways:

Certification of Documents: We are to assist with certifying of documents as true copies of the original document. This service is completed by our accredited staff members.

Procurement of Documents: We are able to advise on how to obtain documents that you need from overseas authorities, via the correct channels. Importantly, if these documents are required for your Australian visa application, we have the expertise to advise on which documents are mandatory and are the correct version, ensuring that you are not wasting time and money obtaining unnecessary documents.

Translation of Documents: We can assist to have documents translated to English to meet the Department of Home Affairs requirement. Please note that we outsource the actual translation of the documents to an accredited professional translation agency.

Legalisation of Documents: Some overseas countries require your personal documents to be legalised here in Australia with government departments such as the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Notaries Public before you travel there. We can assist with this service.